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Santa Barbara Amusement Park Accident Lawyer

Injured at a Theme Park

If you or a family member has been injured in an amusement park accident at Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, Six Flags Magic Mountain or at any other theme park in the Los Angeles area - we can help.

At NordstrandBlack PC, we believe that every person who suffers an injury or who loses someone they love because of another's negligence deserves to have an experienced attorney working with them, managing their case and personally representing them in settlement talks or in court - at all times.

At larger firms and at those that handle a high volume of cases, this doesn't always happen. By contrast, most sole practitioners and smaller firms who offer a high degree of personal attention, do not have the level of resources often required to achieve a truly satisfactory result.

We offer the best of both worlds.

Who Is Responsible?

Amusement park accidents can occur for a variety of reasons and may involve one or more areas of personal injury law. Making matters more complicated is the game of finger pointing that often follows between the theme park, ride manufacturers, sub-contractors (e.g., a ride maintenance company the theme park contracts with) and insurance companies for each party.

By contacting us as soon after the accident as possible, you can ensure that an experienced lawyer will be looking out for and protecting your rights and interests. We waste no time in beginning our own independent investigation into these accidents - visiting the scene, identifying and interviewing potential witnesses and other victims, and preserving evidence. We also work with a various experts in fields such as accident reconstruction, engineering and product design.

Throughout this process, our Santa Barbara injury lawyers and support staff will be keeping you fully informed and as involved in the case as you'd like. We are also here to help you resolve problems such as obtaining proper medical care when you don't have health insurance or getting your health care insurer to provide the coverage you've paid for.

Take Action to Protect Your Rights

Having an experienced Santa Barbara theme park accident lawyer with adequate resources can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of an amusement park accident lawsuit. Let us fight for you now. For a free consultation - call our law offices directly or contact us online or call (805) 962-2022.

There are no legal fees to pay unless we win.

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