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Alinda's Testimonial

"Our experience at the law firm was welcoming and put us at ease for helping to have our parents needs taken care of."
- Alinda

I needed the “best attorney” and was referred to Doug Black. He knows his craft exceedingly well and is always ready to pressure the opposition. He blew the opposition out of the water and I got everything I wanted without trial. I felt protected by Doug. He is very bright and eloquent with a penchant to details.

I would highly recommend him.

Teresa S.

None of this would’ve been possible without you and your excellent staff, Doug (ie Anne, your clerks, and then of course, you). I mean that wholeheartedly. I deal with mediocrity vs. excellence in my line of work and life on a regular basis. You are truly top-shelf material, and here we are … the culmination of all your hard work. You made a family (especially the matriarch) get a positive conclusion to all the trials and tribulations we went through for 2+ years. Your fingerprints are all over this.

Lord bless you and your loved ones!

My best,

Was recommended by my chiropractor and it was the best recommendation I could've gotten! Everyone was super nice and they explained every step of the process. Couldn't have had a better experience.

- R.H. from Google

Excellent, professional, kind, considerate, concerned Lawyers and exceptionally competent staff. This is a fine firm that does what is needed and best for clients. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

- S.K. from Google

These guys continue to impress me. Back when I was 22 and in college I used them to help me with an issue I had run into. Now I’m 29 and needed a quick legal question answered. I reached out to Doug Black and he was able to get me the information I needed. I continue to be impressed by their level of customer service. 10/10 would definitely recommend!

- C.O. from Google

I was in a very serious car accident back in Feb of 2021. Hit from behind, not at fault, and my car totaled. I was introduced to Renee, asked NordstrandBlack to represent me and they have been advocating for me for the past 17 months. Working closely w Doug, they made sure I got the medical care I needed, which was my number one priority, and were always available when I had any questions or concerns. Doug never wavered and kept me in the loop. Oh, and they got me the full settlement we asked for :) I never imagined I would need a lawyer, but when I did the NordstrandBlack team was the best choice for me. So whether in Santa Barbara or LA, I couldn't recommend them more. Thank you so much NorstrandBlack (Renee, Doug, Anne). I truly appreciate your support.

- K.L. from Google

I searched around the Santa Barbara area for a law firm to represent me in in a personal injury claim. I wanted someone that would "fight" for me and that "had my best interest at heart." When I first met Renee and Doug, I was very impressed with them and their whole firm. They were friendly, professional and I could sense they were exactly what I was looking for. I was very satisfied on how they handled my case. Years later I had an auto accident and sought their help once more. Again, I could sense that they still had that "fight and eagerness in them" and that is why I asked them to represent me in this new case. I was correct and I am very happy with the closing of that suit.

- L.D. Santa Barbara from Google

Renee J. Nordstrand-Black and Doug are wonderful advocates and fight for what their clients deserve. We are very grateful for all of their hard work. We have and will continue to recommend them to friends and family.

- Anonymous

Dennis and Renee J. Nordstrand-Black did the very best that could be expected with the cards that were dealt to them. I appreciate that they hung on to the very end with a satisfactory result. Everyone in your firm was professional, courteous, and exemplary at all times. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to be represented by NordstrandBlack PC.

- T.S.

When I hired Renee J. Nordstrand-Black and team, I made one of the best decisions of my life. They are thorough, fair, honest, detailed, responsive, supportive, experienced, and professional in every way. I would rely on them, again, if ever needed in the future, without hesitation!

- R.G. from Google

I usually don't post reviews, but I just had too. Renee J. Nordstrand-Black and Doug black are two of the best attorneys I have ever met, Not only are they understanding and listen to what your concerns are, they got me the best settlement, I'd literally can't believe it!! Honestly if you want the best outcome go to them. Thank you and your staff for all the hard work!!! If I could give you more stars I would.

- K.R. from Google

I am thrilled to recommend Renee J. Nordstrand-Black. She is an outstanding Attorney and she exceeded our expectations.

- S.S. from Google

I never thought that I would ever be arrested, but the moment the handcuffs went on, I was so scared and felt so alone. Thank goodness a friend recommended Doug Black to represent me. Not only did he guide me through the whole process, but he was even able to get my arrest dismissed! I recommend him highly!

- K.G. from Google

I can't say enough about the firm of Renee J. Nordstrand-Black and Doug Black. As an individual with no experience with law, I was nervous and didn't know where to start. After getting in an MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) I was pointed in the direction of Renee J. Nordstrand-Black. The combined care, expertise and knowledge of Renee J. Nordstrand-Black and Doug exceeded all expectations. Nordstrand and her staff are truly caring, hardworking and clearly passionate about what they do. I appreciated that every step of the process was explained to me in very understandable terms, I never felt left out or uninformed. I definitely couldn't be happier with the outcome. I would absolutely recommend the firm of NordstrandBlack PC to anyone who is seeking the very best.

- G.F. from Google

On July 2nd 2015, when I was riding my bicycle , I was hit by a car out of control. I crashed to the ground, and I was injured. A few weeks later, while at the Cottage Rehab Hospital in Santa Barbara, I was introduced to Renee J. Nordstrand-Black. She went right to work investigating my accident and the person who hit me. As the time went by, and I was getting impatient for immediate results, Renee J. Nordstrand-Black taught me to be patient and to let the negotiations take their course, and to be confident in a positive result. She was right. Her work paid off and I was awarded a compensation for my accident.

Thank you, Renee J. Nordstrand-Black for your efforts... we came a long way together, and thank you for being my friend when I needed it.

- G.G. from Google

Renee J. Nordstrand-Black represented us in a case that required both patience and an in depth understanding of multiple legal issues. Her careful preparation and thorough and superb representation in court led us to the outcome we had hoped for. We trusted her knowledge and acumen and would do so again without hesitation. She is an exceptionally gifted legal mind.

- C.H. from Google

Recommended by a close friend who is a retired personal injury attorney.

I was impressed by Doug Black's transparency, integrity and negotiation skills resolving a complex case. My calls and questions were always promptly answered.

Doug worked tirelessly getting the best possible settlement and went the extra mile negotiating with all parties.

Five stars!

- T.F. from Yelp

Renee J. Nordstrand-Black and Doug did an outstanding job litigating my case. I had a personal injury claim against a business that ended up being much bigger than ever anticipated, but they worked hard and ultimately we ended with a very fortuitous result. Thanks again to both Renee J. Nordstrand-Black and Doug as well as their entire staff for their persistence and overall effort. I highly recommend them for personal injury claims.

- J.S. from Yelp

The whole staff is very professional and took care of everything. You should go to Renee J. Nordstrand-Black if you don't want the insurance company to take advantage of you and she'll fight for everything you deserve.

- W.H. from Yelp

I highly recommend Nordstrand Law. I found her professional and pleasant to work with throughout the complicated and evolving phases of my litigation. She was assertive and on point when interfacing with the opposing party which earned their respect and resulted in an excellent outcome in a timely manner.

- Cindie B.

Renée J. Nordstrand-Black helps to inform the client about the stengths and weaknesses of the case, and to achieve the best possible result taking all of it into account. She is completely in charge and doesn't back down to the opponent. I had heard that her reputation is that of a very strong advocate, and it turned out to be absolutely true. The results in my case proved it!

- Anonymous

After I had recovered from a terrible car accident on freeway 101 which had been caused by the negligence of a truck driver, I knew I needed a lawyer. But how would I choose a competent and trustworthy lawyer? I was very fortunate to have a judge as a neighbor who recommended Renée J. Renée J. Nordstrand-Black! Not only was she competent and trustworthy; she also was compassionate, friendly and a good listener.

But best of all, she got me a settlement which far exceeded my expectations!

I can recommend Renée J. Nordstrand-Black as an excellent lawyer, without any reservations.

- H. W., Santa Barbara

Renée J. Nordstrand-Black is a shining example of what an attorney should be. She is honest and has high integrity, which is rare these days. She and her staff treated me with kindness and caring. They were never too busy to talk to me. Although my case wasn't big, I was treated like my case was worth a million dollars.

-Patricia H.

Renée J. Nordstrand-Black is a fighter. Her negotiation skills are some of the best I've seen. Her reputation as willing to go to trial if needed precedes her - in a small town where everyone knows each other, reputation is crucial.

Most importantly, she's charges very fairly and you get the sense she's not here to take advantage of you. I trusted her completely and she delivered.

Trustworthy lawyers are few and far between - Renée J. Nordstrand-Black is one of those few.


Megan's Testimonial

"My first impression when I met Renee J. Nordstrand-Black was that I was in good hands."
- Megan

Both my husband and I wanted to express our deep appreciation for representing us…We are delighted with the settlement you were able to reach. Frankly, the settlement far exceeded the amount we had hoped for. But what we are as grateful for as the settlement is that our dealings with you were a pleasure. You kept us well-informed always explained everything well, entertained all our questions and concerns and never pressured us. We were equally with you skillful negotiations during the settlement meeting that led to the favorable settlement. It is our pleasure to recommend you to anyone who comes to you for legal representation.

-Hertha and Fritz

It's the willingness of professionals like you that make a difference


It was so easy to talk with you and I couldn't have asked for better representation. I feel lucky to have met such a wonderful person as you; you have been so helpful in dealing with the stress of medical and insurance companies.


Your belief in me meant everything to me.

-Mary Ann

I want to thank you for your support…I have the greatest confidence in your ability to handle my case with vigor and with authority.

-Denise A.

We appreciate your patience, consistency, and dedication to our case. Thank you.


Lindsay's Testimonial

"I definitely would recommend NordstrandBlack PC, they're helpful, they're professional, they get the job done."
- Lindsay

Thank you so much, for both your hard work and your kindness.


Your advice and confidence kept me cool in all your hard work


I had a brain injury from carbon monoxide poisoning. I was vulnerable and needed treatment. I needed a lawyer. It couldn't just be any lawyer, I needed the best one! I was lucky enough to have found the right one, who not only gave me the best representation, but also got me the treatment I needed and supported me as a person to survive the whole ordeal. This awesome attorney took my case to trial to get money that I needed to pay my medical bills and have a new start. There isn't anything that I can say that actually could explain my total gratitude to her and her firm. If someone wants an attorney that will fight for them and win, Renée J. Nordstrand-Black is the attorney that I would recommend.

-Julie D.

Your role gave me the opportunity to accept trust when it was needed most. You instilled faith in me.

-Annette Z.

Isabel's Testimonial

"The firm has helped me and my son through the process..."
- Isabel

I want to express my deepest appreciation to you for your contribution to the success of the Santa Barbara Women Lawyers. You assistance was crucial to fulfilling our mission within the time constraints imposed.

-Vicki Johnson, former Judicial Committee chair of Santa Barbara Women Lawyers

It is very encouraging to see a woman in your field taking charge.

You are a PI goddess!!!


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