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Victim of an Assault Caused by Inadequate Security in Santa Barbara?

While most cases of assault can be attributed to criminal activity, some are the result of poor security measures. This if referred to as a negligent security case, which occurs when a property owner fails to protect patrons and guests against known dangers, such as violent crimes or theft. There are many forms of negligent security. It can range from a door being left unlocked to security cameras not being installed. This kind of negligence is incredibly dangerous, as it can lead to people being assaulted, stolen from, or injured.

If you have suffered because of negligent security, you are probably feeling alone, frightened, and distressed right now. It may feel as though your sense of safety has been stolen from you and you have no choice but to live the rest of your life with one eye open. While we at Nordstrand Black PC cannot reverse what happened, we can help you obtain justice and compensation. Call us at (866) 298-2041 to schedule a free consultation with a Santa Barbara negligent security attorney to discuss what options are available to you.

The Common Types of Security Negligence

When we are at a store, business, or even in our own apartments, we expect a certain level of security. If we know we aren’t safe while at a particular location, we simply won’t go or stay there. Unfortunately, the signs of negligent security may not be immediately obvious, and property owners and managers may not care to fix non-obvious issues. Actions that could have contributed to an assault or robbery can include:

  • Unlocked gates, windows, and doors
  • Untrained guards
  • Lack of security cameras or alarms
  • Improperly lit parking lots or stairs
  • Inadequate emergency exits

Cutting corners when it comes to security, which could be as simple as not bothering to change a lightbulb in a parking lot, can lead to serious consequences. The risks associated with negligent security, such as assault, injury, and property damage, are severe. Sadly, it is rarely the person who acts negligently that ends up paying the price for their poor decisions. Rather, it is often some bystander, who may not have even been aware of the danger they were in.

The Consequences of Inadequate Security

We should all expect to be safe while on someone else’s property. That safety should be present whether we are going out to eat, stopping at the grocery store, or relaxing on the couch in our apartment. With negligent security, however, things can quickly spiral out of control, leaving you seriously injured and traumatized.

Inadequate security leaves the door open to criminals looking to make you their next victim. An unlocked gate could easily make you into an easy target for a burglar. An improperly lit parking lot can leave you vulnerable to vandalism or auto theft. In the worst-case scenario, negligent security can lead to an assault, or even death.

This means that your landlord refusing to fix a broken lock on your window could result in medical bills, emotional trauma, severe injury, and months of pain and suffering. That one act of negligence may follow you for the rest of your life. While the criminal who caused your injuries may be caught and tried for their actions, you still may not receive proper compensation through the criminal system. Your best option is to file a claim against a property owner.

Who Can Be Held Liable?

The sad truth is, there are many property owners who care more about their financial situation than they do about your safety. Fixing a broken gate or installing security cameras will cost them money, and they would rather risk your safety than deal with the cost. That sort of blatant negligence should be punished, even if they are not the ones who directly caused your injuries.

Proving liability in a Santa Barbara negligent security case, however, requires certain factors be present. These include:

  • You were lawfully on the property, as in you were invited, or you lived there
  • Your injuries occurred on the property
  • Your injuries were caused by a third-party
  • The property owner was or should have been aware of the risks
  • The property owner failed to implement proper security in order to negate these risks
  • Your injuries would not have occurred if it weren’t for the property owner’s negligence

Arresting the criminal that caused you harm is an important step to making sure that justice is carried out, but it doesn’t mean that everyone responsible has been held liable. On top of that, filing a claim against the property owner or manager that acted negligent can result in you receiving compensation that would cover the cost of your injuries and pain and suffering. While there is compensation available through the California Victims’ Compensation Board, it is not guaranteed to cover all of your costs and does not compensates you for pain and suffering.

Get Outstanding Legal Help in Santa Barbara

We should all be able to feel safe while we are out and about. Sadly, when you are the victim of negligent security case that can take that feeling of safety can be taken away from you and leave you in fear, even when you are in your own home. That level of trauma should be compensated. If you or a loved one have suffered because of negligent security, contact Nordstrand Black PC at (866) 298-2041 and discuss your case with a Santa Barbara premises liability attorney.