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New California Ballot Initiative in 2022 Adjusts Limitations in Medical Negligence Cases

By Renee Nordstrand on October 5, 2021

An empty operating room in a hospital.Medical professionals can be held liable in medical malpractice lawsuits for injuries they cause their patients through negligence. In 1975 California set a cap of $250,000 for medical malpractice noneconomic damages. These types of damages include pain and suffering, mental anguish, emotional trauma, scarring and disfigurement, and diminished quality of life. A new ballot initiative proposes to increase the $250,000 cap based on inflation since 1975.

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How to Know if a Dog Is Dangerous to Your Child

By Renee Nordstrand on August 11, 2021

A brown and white bulldog sitting on the porch of a houseMany of our friends and neighbors across the country took the time to adopt dogs this past year, and we applaud their commitment to taking care of our furry friends. Unfortunately, most new dog owners discovered the difficulties of training and socializing a pet during lockdown. Dogs, especially ones that were rehomed or rescues, may have a hard time behaving around strangers, loud noises, and in new areas. Poor training naturally leads to more aggressive dogs, and they can be dangerous to children who do not know how to keep themselves safe.

No one wants to demonize man’s best friends, but it is important for parents to teach their children about aggressive dogs to avoid a painful and traumatic bite. At NordstrandBlack PC, we want dog owners and their neighbors to have all the information they need to keep themselves safe, which is why we are here to explain how to spot an aggressive dog and how to teach your kids to be safe.

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Who Is Liable for Injuries at a Rental Home?

By Renee Nordstrand on June 28, 2021

Airbnb and other vacation rental companies have become an increasingly popular way for people to rent out vacation homes, and more people than ever are flocking to the California coast. With the growing usage of these rental companies, there are more injuries than ever before — and these incidents raise important questions about liability that don’t factor into most vacation plans: if a renter is injured while staying at someone else’s home, who is at fault — the renter or the owner?

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How to Know If a Pool Is Safe

By Renee Nordstrand on June 2, 2021

As the weather heats up, a lot of us are looking forward to fun get-togethers over the summer months. Backyard barbeques, visits to the beach, family road trips, and lots of pool parties. While “going to the pool” conjures up visions of fun with family and friends, it is important for everyone to keep pool safety in mind before going in for that swim.

Pools must be properly built and maintained by their owners, as failing to do so may lead to guests being injured or even killed. Whether an incident occurs in a pool at a private residence or a community recreational area, the owner of the pool may be liable for the victim’s damages.

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Can I Recover Punitive Damages After a Car Accident?

By Renee Nordstrand on April 14, 2021

After being injured by another driver, you may be angry at the person who hit you, frustrated with the insurance claims process, and concerned about your future. A single drunk driving accident could cost you thousands of dollars in medical bills, weeks to months in lost wages, and years of emotional trauma. Your best option may be to file a personal injury claim to recover compensation for your damages. In addition, in some cases, it may be possible for you to receive punitive damages in California.

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How Truck Weigh Stations Prevent Accidents

By Renee Nordstrand on March 30, 2021

As a California driver, you have likely seen the many weigh stations that line our major highways, including those here in Santa Barbara County. And what gets weighed? Vehicles that weigh more than 10,000 lbs. These weigh stations exist to ensure that large commercial trucks and trailers meet all California and federal safety standards and to ensure these vehicles are not overloaded.

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How Radars Enforce Speed Limits

By Renee Nordstrand on February 12, 2021

While enjoying the scenic highways that run through California, you may have noticed traffic signs that read, “Speed Limit Enforced by Radar,” or even some signs that say, “Speed Limit Enforced by Aircraft.” Neither sign gives much description as to how the process works, however, and may leave you wondering how your speed is actually monitored. Here’s a snapshot of how it works: Read the rest »

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E-Bike Laws & Safety

By Renee Nordstrand on February 4, 2021

There’s a new kid on the block…or should I say, bike path. It’s the electric bike, or E-bike, which everyone and their mother seems to be purchasing in Santa Barbara and beyond, particularly during this last year of Covid quarantine. E-bikes are especially popular with those who are not avid cyclists and want a little help when faced with hills or headwinds. They are also a great alternative to enclosed transportation since they offer low cost, energy efficient, and emission-free transportation that also has physical and health benefits.

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What You Need to Know About Personal Injury Laws and Children

By Renee Nordstrand on February 3, 2021

It is every parent’s worst nightmare to see their child severely injured. All parents want to protect their children, but sometimes, other people behave negligently, and children become injured as a result. There are a number of ways that a child could become seriously hurt, such as through dog attacks, slip-and-falls, swimming pool accidents, and so on. While parents can’t protect their children 100% of the time, especially when others are grossly negligent, they can file a claim to recover proper compensation on their child’s behalf. Read the rest »

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Road Rash: Who Is at Risk?

By Renee Nordstrand on January 27, 2021

When you picture road rash, you may conjure an image of a scraped knee or skinned elbow. While those are technically mild forms of road rash, the severe forms can be much, much worse. Third-degree road rash, for example, usually results in skin, muscle, and tendon being stripped away from the body. In some cases, the bone may even be visible.

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