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Why Are Falls on Construction Sites So Common?

By Renee Nordstrand on January 20, 2024

A man wearing his construction worker outfit on the ground after falling off a ladder.

Construction sites are dangerous places, and falls are one of the most hazardous types of construction injuries. Almost half of all workplace falls happen in the construction industry, and over one-third of construction site fatalities are the result of falls. In a recent year, there were  92 construction accident fatalities in California, which is more than any other industry.

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When “The Big One” Hits, Which Buildings Will Stand?

By Renee Nordstrand on July 23, 2018

large concrete crack from an earthquake

The risk of earthquakes is part of the deal when people decide to live in Southern California. We get beautiful weather, easy access to the Pacific Ocean, and wonderful cities such as Santa Barbara but with the constant threat of a serious earthquake.

Following the 1971 Sylmar Quake, thousands of buildings throughout the state were retrofitted and strengthened to be safer, while new buildings had to be built to improved codes.

While these codes proved effective to an extent, there are concerns about what the future holds.

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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed for Arroyo Grande Man Killed in Construction Accident

By Renee Nordstrand on February 8, 2013

The construction accident attorneys at the Law Office of Reneé J. Nordstrand have learned that the son of a man killed in a construction accident on Highway 135 in the Santa Maria Valley in 2010 has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver of the truck that struck him and the driver’s employer.

According to a California Highway Patrol (CHP) report, the victim was working at the site when the tire of a trailer that was being pulled by a dump truck ran over him. At the time of the accident, CHP reported that the dump truck was reversing and the driver didn’t see the worker until he spotted him on the ground. The worker was rushed to Marian Regional Medical Center, where he died of his injuries.

The family’s attorney claims that the driver of the truck, who was employed by V&J Rock Transport, reversed without warning. Additionally, the backup alarm on the truck didn’t sound while it was reversing.

“We think the truck negligently ran over him,” the attorney told the Santa Maria Times.

The attorney went on to allege that CalPortland Company, which was supervising the construction at the time, was also negligent and that all the defendants had a “duty to exercise reasonable care conducting their own activities, when hiring and training employees, and when operating motor vehicles.”

The lawsuit is asking for an unspecified amount above $25,000.

If you have any questions regarding your legal options following a construction accident that has resulted in an injury or death, the Law Offices of Reneé J. Nordstrand have experienced attorneys who will work with you every step of the way to provide the personalized and professional legal representation you deserve.

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Santa Barbara Man Hurt in Construction Accident Crashes Car on Way to Hospital

By Renee Nordstrand on October 17, 2012

A 29-year-old man who was injured while working on a residential construction project, crashed his car on State Street while trying to drive to a hospital emergency department to receive treatment, according to the Santa Barbara Police Department (SBPD).

The construction worker, who lives in the San Roque area of Santa Barbara, was working on a project in a residential area when he was hit in the face with a board. According to, the man sustained a severe facial laceration and realized that he needed to go to an emergency room for treatment.

A spokesman for the SBPD said that the man was attempting to drive to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital when for reasons that are still unclear — but are assumed to be due to pain and loss of blood because of his injury — he lost consciousness and his Toyota 4-Runner went off the road near Alamar Avenue. The vehicle went up an embankment and then rolled over on its side.

When emergency workers arrived, the victim was trapped in the driver’s seat. He was extricated and taken to the hospital, but there is no current word as to his condition.

Construction is a dangerous industry that can expose workers to serious hazards, such as falling from roofs, electrocution, getting struck by construction equipment, or getting injured by unguarded machinery. In 2011, 721 construction workers died while on the job, and many of those fatalities could have been prevented if simple safety measures had been implemented at the construction site.

The Santa Barbara construction accident injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Renée J. Nordstrand will act quickly to protect your legal rights if you’ve been injured at your workplace due to the negligence of an employer or another party. Having an experienced attorney on your side can make all the difference when you are seeking the compensation you deserve. With winning results in construction accident injury cases, such as successfully representing a man who lost an eye due to a saw that did not have a required guard, our legal team has the skills needed to get you outstanding results.

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