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You Deserve an Experienced Attorney

Since 1993, our firm has been protecting the rights of people and families whose lives have been damaged by the wrongful or negligent actions of others. Because of that, we know that tragic events affect different people in different ways.

At our firm, we respect and treat each person we represent as an individual. We listen. We take time to understand how their lives have been changed by what has happened. We make ourselves available to answer your questions. We respond to calls and e-mails promptly. We keep our clients informed.

We also know that experience matters and that it can make a tremendous difference in the end result of any case. That's why at our firm, each and every client is personally represented by an experienced attorney.

We Are Passionate About What We Do

Attorney Renée J. Nordstrand-Black's passion for helping people overcome legal problems stems, at least in part, from watching her own father help people in his capacity as a lawyer. Today, that same passion is evident in her own work on behalf of personal injury victims and it is shared by each and every member of our team.

In practice, in settlement talks and in courtrooms throughout the Santa Barbara and Los Angeles areas of Southern California — we advocate fiercely for our clients and fight to ensure that they receive the compensation they will need to rebuild their lives.

This passion also extends to helping clients with matters like getting proper medical care or trying to obtain insurance benefits that they've paid for — issues that if not handled properly can make life after an accident or serious injury much more frustrating and difficult than it already is.

We Have the Resources and Will to Succeed

NordstrandBlack PC Firm BuildingProving negligence in a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit can be complicated. To make matters worse, negligent parties and insurance companies will often do their best to complicate things further in the hopes of avoiding or limiting their liability. Because of that, it is often necessary to use expert witnesses and sophisticated trial exhibits in order to win.

Most smaller firms and sole practitioners don't have those kinds of resources and are not equipped to handle complex injury lawsuits against well-funded defendants in court.

We do have those resources and we have the experience fighting government entities and large insurance companies. We put our resources to work for you to aggressively pursue and present your case to get you maximum compensation.

Schedule a free consultation with an experienced lawyer by contacting us online or, by calling our offices at (805) 962-2022.