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A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report estimates that nearly 500 U.S. residents died of non-fire-related CO (carbon monoxide) exposure or poisoning each year for the years 2001-2003. During that same time span, the CDC report also suggested that more than 15,000 persons required emergency medical treatment for carbon monoxide poisoning annually.


In many of these cases, home heating products or gas-powered tools or equipment were implicated in some way.

At NordstrandBlack PC, we provide strong, experienced legal representation to families in Santa Barbara whose lives have been affected by carbon monoxide poisoning tragedies. We are passionate about helping people get the compensation they need to recover and rebuild their lives after these incidents. We are ready to start helping you and your family today.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Case Results

  • $625,000 Settlement during Trial - Carbon Monoxide Poisoning - Defective Wall Heater

∗ Selected cases listed. Every case is different. Past case results are not a guarantee, and similar results may not be obtained in your case. View more case results here.

Determining the Cause, Documenting the Damage in Santa Barbara

Operating gas-powered tools or equipment indoors is one major cause of CO poisoning. Another is home heating. Because gas furnaces are not as common in California as they are elsewhere, most home heating-related cases of carbon monoxide poisoning in our state involve defective wall heaters and wall heaters that have been improperly maintained by landlords or property management companies.

In any case, an independent investigation undertaken by someone whose primary concern is looking out for your rights and interests should begin as soon as possible so that the source of the carbon monoxide can be preserved and examined.

Our Santa Barbara premises liability lawyers know how to investigate these cases and have the resources needed to prepare and take these cases into court. They also know that the harm one client suffers is not "just like" the harm suffered in every other case. We take time to understand how CO poisoning-related brain injuries and wrongful deaths have affected our clients in specific ways so that all of the losses and "injuries" they've suffered can be fully compensated.

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