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Fighting for the Rights of Injured Renters in Santa Barbara

There are a lot of great apartments around Santa Barbara. The owners and managers of these apartments, however, are expected to take reasonable steps to make sure their tenants and lawful visitors are safe. When they do not, serious injuries can occur.

Fortunately, negligent apartment owners can be held liable for their actions and made to pay compensation to those they harm. If you or a loved one has been injured due to a crime or a hazardous condition at a Santa Barbara apartment, call a personal injury lawyer at NordstrandBlack PC at (866) 298-2041 for a free consultation.

What Are Some Personal Injuries That May Occur at an Apartment?

There are numerous ways a person may be hurt by a property owner’s negligence, including:

  • Falls: Slip-and-falls are common, dangerous, and can happen just about anywhere. The owner of an apartment building must make sure walkways are properly lit, kept clean of slippery substances, and kept clear of tripping hazards.
  • Swimming pool accidents: Swimming pools are a big draw for apartment complexes, but they must be properly secured and supervised. Owners are legally required to have fences around all swimming pools, with latching gates, to keep children from wandering in and getting hurt.
  • Improper maintenance: The landlord is responsible for many maintenance issues, depending on the lease. This includes upkeep of the electrical systems, plumbing, and any heating and cooling in the building. Poor maintenance can easily result in accidents and serious injuries.

Damaged Property

Whether you are a renter or just visiting an apartment building in Santa Barbara, your property should be secure while you are inside. Some ways that property can be lost or damaged include:

  • Negligent security: The owner of an apartment building is responsible for ensuring windows and doors have working locks on them. Any locks that are missing must be brought to the attention of the property manager and should be replaced promptly to secure the belongings of every resident. Negligent security also creates the danger of a violent crime against a renter, which can result in injuries, emotional pain, or even wrongful death.
  • Improper maintenance: Just as proper maintenance is important to avoid injuries to renters, it can also help protect their property. Electrical shorts, burst plumbing, and other events caused by improper repairs can cause serious damage to the property of a renter.

When Is the Apartment Complex Liable?

It is important to note that just because an accident occurs on a rental property does not mean the owner of that building is liable. First, there must be negligence - an action (or inaction) that goes against what a reasonable person would do. For example, the owner was aware of an issue – such as a leak in an apartment – and then failed to correct it within a reasonable timeframe to prevent injuries. If the owner did not know about the issue, but should have discovered it with reasonable care, he is still on the hook.

Should this negligence cause or contribute to a personal injury, the negligent party can be held liable in a civil lawsuit. If you have suffered serious injury due to an apartment owner, contact a Santa Barbara premises liability attorney at NordstrandBlack PC at (866) 298-2041 to take action. Your consultation is free, and if we represent you, you pay no fee until we recover compensation for your injuries and other losses.

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