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Santa Barbara DUI Victim Attorneys

If You Were Hit by a Drunk Driver in Santa Barbara, You Should Take Legal Action

Despite the efforts of law enforcement, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD), and a number of public awareness campaigns, drunk driving crashes still occur on our streets and highways.

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A “DUI” in California means either driving under the influence of alcohol, driving under the influence of drugs, or both. Any substance or combination of substances that can impair a person’s ability to drive safely to an “appreciable degree” is illegal, whether prescription or illicit, over-the-counter or an “herbal supplement” like kava.

At NordstrandBlack PC, we hold intoxicated drivers accountable and protect the rights of families and individuals who have been harmed by their poor choices. Our firm offers more than 30 years of experience in complex personal injury litigation – and we have established an equally long track record of outstanding results. We are passionate about what we do, so let our Santa Barbara car accident attorneys fight for you now. Call (866) 298-2041 for a free consultation.

What You Need to Know About These Cases

  • Even if the driver is charged with the crime of DUI, that doesn’t mean anything for the victim. If the perpetrator is convicted of a DUI, that means nothing to your bills. Criminal charges are separate from civil claims, and even if the guilty driver has to pay a fine, it goes to the State, not to you. Any personal injury lawsuit you file for compensation will be separate from the criminal act of driving under the influence (though there are consequences). You are also entitled to partial compensation for out-of-pocket expenses from the DA’s victim witness program.
  • Drugged driving is a growing problem in California. Since the legalization of recreational marijuana in January 2019, drugged driving crashes have increased. It is still illegal to consume cannabis and drive, since THC impairs a person’s ability to react and make judgment calls on the road.
  • DUI drivers may be punished with punitive damages. Punitive or “exemplary” damages are additional compensation awarded to a victim by a jury, if the defendant did something with malice, oppression or fraud, meaning to cause intentional harm, or with extreme recklessness. Driving while intoxicated would count in the last category.
  • Although many drunk drivers carry little or no insurance, our attorneys can still help accident victims obtain medical care, treatment, and benefits under their own automobile insurance policies. If you're concerned with these issues, talk to us about your rights and other potential sources of recovery today.

Get the Personal Attention You Deserve

The victims of Santa Barbara drunk driving accidents not only need legal representation, they absolutely deserve it. As a client of our firm, you will be working with an experienced lawyer from the beginning of your case through its conclusion. Your questions and concerns will not go unanswered. You can have confidence that your case is in the hands of someone who knows exactly what to do.

NordstrandBlack PC would also like to emphasize that we have the experience and resources needed to achieve optimal results - professional relationships with top experts on various subjects, credibility within Southern California's legal communities, and state-of-the-art trial exhibit technologies.

Do I Have a Santa Barbara Drunk Driving Accident Case?

If you or any member of your family has been injured in an accident that involved an intoxicated driver, call our Santa Barbara drunk driving accident victim lawyers directly or contact our firm online to determine if you have a case. Your consultation is free and does not obligate you to hire us. If we take your case, you pay no legal fees unless we win. Call (866) 298-2041 today.

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