homedo i have a case?what is my case worth?

What Is My Case Worth?

In some ways, this is the easiest of all questions to answer. A personal injury or wrongful death claim is worth exactly what an insurance company will pay to settle it or exactly whatever a judge or jury decides it is worth.

"Insurance companies know which lawyers tried cases and consider this when placing a value on your case. Having an experienced personal injury lawyer, like the ones in our firm, will increase the amount of compensation you will receive."
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In another sense, is a very difficult question. After all, how does anyone put a price on a human being's life, or on the loss of a body part or on the freedom to move? How do you value someone's personality, emotional health or ability to communicate? What mathematical formula can account for the difference between what was then and what is now?

There is no easy answer.

If our decades of experience as a law firm have taught us anything about personal injury cases it is that each injured person or grieving family is affected by these sudden losses in different ways.

Understanding that, our attorneys work to maximize the value of each case by developing an accurate picture of what their client's life was like before and how it has changed as a result. As part of this process, we also work with physicians, medical specialists, economists and other appropriate experts in an attempt to put a fair dollar value to both the economic and non-economic losses suffered.

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