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Fighting for You after a Truck Collision in Oxnard

Even experienced truckers who have thousands of hours on the road can make mistakes. Accidents with large trucks involve more serious injuries and extensive property damage to passenger cars. It is outrageous when these crashes are caused by negligence.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a jackknife accident in Oxnard, you may deserve compensation for your injuries and other losses. It is possible that negligence by the trucking company or the driver caused the crash. You have the right to demand the negligent party be held responsible in a court of law. Call our experienced Oxnard vehicle accident lawyers at NordstrandBlack PC at (866) 298-2041 to discuss your options.

Dangers of Trucks in Oxnard

The 101 might not run through the heart of Oxnard, but the city lies on the path of one of the biggest commercial roads in the country. Every day, countless semis pass through northern Oxnard as they head north or south along US Route 101. Since there is a great deal of non-commercial traffic on this road as well, the potential for serious accidents and injuries is high. Large trucks have bigger blind spots than other vehicles and require more time to slow down and stop - making reckless driving by truckers far more likely to end in disaster.

Negligence in a Truck Accident

When a truck accident occurs, a few parties may have contributed to it. Although each accident is unique and negligence can take many forms, some of the most common include:

  • Trucker fatigue: There are strict regulations in place for how many hours per day and week truckers can drive before they must take breaks. When hours of service (HOS) rules are violated, either by truckers or their managers, fatigue can cause senseless accidents.
  • Poor truck maintenance: Trucking companies have to inspect, maintain, and repair their trucks to keep them running safely. When drivers and companies do not adhere to maintenance requirements and schedules, brakes can fail, tires can blow out, and other serious accidents can occur.
  • Improper training: Truck drivers need to have commercial driver's licenses to ensure they know how to handle the vehicles they control. When trucking companies do not require these licenses, or fail to provide additional training, truckers can be unprepared for the conditions they will face on the road.
  • Faulty parts: While maintenance is important, trucks must be outfitted with parts that are made correctly. Manufacturers may ship parts with known defects in order to maximize profits. Recalls usually occur after numerous accidents that resulted in serious injuries or deaths.

Figuring Out Liability

Liability means someone acted in a negligent way and their negligence directly caused or contributed to the truck accident. Liability must be established in a lawsuit before the at-fault party is held legally responsible for the victim’s injuries and other damages.

In truck crashes, the liable parties are often:

  • Truck drivers: If a commercial truck driver chooses to ignore speed limits, drives too close to other vehicles, or skips required breaks, he or she can be held personally liable for a victim’s injuries.
  • Trucking companies: The business that owns the truck and employs the driver can also be to blame. If the company skips necessary maintenance or safety checks, or encourages unsafe behavior in drivers, they can be held liable.
  • Manufacturers: If parts on a truck fail because of a defect and cause a collision, the manufacturer of the part could be liable. This can be difficult to prove, which is why you need an experienced auto product liability lawyer to investigate your case and represent you.
  • Government agencies: If a roadway defect or hazard caused or contributed to the collision, the agency responsible for maintaining the roadway may be held liable. Poor design is another reason that a city, state, or municipal government might be to blame for a truck accident.
  • Third parties: Some collisions are caused by third parties, such as another driver on the road. In these instances, the third party who caused the collision can be held liable for what happened.

After a serious big rig accident in Oxnard, you deserve a knowledgeable Oxnard personal injury attorney to represent you and fight for your rights. Before you talk to an insurance company, call NordstrandBlack PC at (866) 298-2041 to make sure you are protected.