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Fighting for Individuals Hurt in Serious Falls in Ventura

Ventura is an incredible city with beautiful beaches, a unique downtown, and endless activities. There are parks to visit and pools to relax in if the ocean proves to be a bit too cool. But as wonderful as slip-and-fall injuries can happen anywhere, even here. When they do happen, you should know what to do.

Slip-and-falls often result in debilitating injuries that can in turn lead to medical bills, time off from work, and months of pain while you recover. In some cases, the only way to recover from the emotional and financial burden a slip-and-fall accident can cause is by filing a personal injury claim against the at-fault party. Our Ventura premises liability lawyers at Nordstrand Black PC have worked with many slip-and-fall victims and always fight to get them the highest compensation possible, while deflecting any victim blaming thrown their way by those liable. If you or a loved one have suffered a slip-and-fall, contact our firm at (866) 298-2041 and schedule a free consultation.

The Dangers of Slip-and-Falls

A slip-and-fall may not seem like a serious accident. We’ve all experienced falls, whether it was when we were having imaginary adventures as children or rushing to catch the bus. Your fall experiences may make you believe that these accidents won’t leave you with anything worse than a skinned knee, but that is simply not the case. Slip-and-falls are incredibly dangerous. A slip typically causes someone to fall backwards and unable to catch yourself with your hands or protects your head from whatever hard surface you are falling onto.

We have worked with many clients who were severely injured after a slip-and-fall. Common injuries we have seen include:

  • Fractured and broken bones
  • Lacerations
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Severe bruising
  • Knee damage

One slip can lead to a lifetime of pain, and even disability depending on the severity of your injuries. Slip-and-fall accidents are no joke, despite the fact that many people refuse to take them seriously.

Where to Watch Out for Slipping Hazards

A slip-and-fall can happen anywhere. However, there are a few locations that are more accident prone than others. Be sure to watch your footing while at:

Wet Sidewalks: Whether they be wet from rain, runoff, or from being washed, slippery sidewalks can be incredibly dangerous. The hard concrete could easily cause a skull fracture and severe brain damage. Due to being outside, it is difficult to keep sidewalks in perfect conditions at all times. However, the group responsible for maintaining the sidewalk, whether that be a shop owner or the city, is responsible for keeping them reasonably safe, especially if they know about a hazard.

Grocery Stores: Grocery stores floors are often made up of hard tiles or linoleum, both of which can become incredibly slippery when wet. This, added to the fact that many display shelves use some sort of cooling mechanisms that can easily malfunction and leak, means that grocery stores are a hotbed for slip-and-fall injuries.

Stairways: A fall on a stairway can, and often does, lead to severe injuries. The sharp edges on stairs can cause broken bones, bruised organs, and cut skin. Heavily trafficked staircases at malls, apartment buildings, and offices can easily become slippery if a guest spills a drink. If the property owner knows about such a hazard, but fails to clean it up or put up warning signs, they can be found liable for any slip and fall injuries, even though they did not cause the hazard.

Swimming Pools: Swimming pools are notorious for being slip-and-fall hazards. The pavement surrounding the pool is always wet, and thus can become incredibly slippery. There should be warning signs up about the dangers of the wet surfaces, as well as a lifeguard present in order to keep people from running. Pools on private property, such as a homeowner’s personal pool, should also be properly inspected by the city and has necessary safety requirements, such as a fence, to prevent children from falling in.

Sandy Surfaces: Ventura is surrounded by incredible beaches. While it is wonderful to live by such a picturesque ocean, it does mean sand often gets tracked all over town. Sand can make a surface incredibly slippery because of the small particles rolling around under your feet. When on a sidewalk, in a store, or going down some stairs, if you see a patch of sand, tread carefully. Property owners and managers should always sweep sand up as soon as it is noticed.

Who Is Liable?

Slip-and-falls are often due to an act of negligence. For example, if you’re shopping at a grocery store and walking by a malfunctioning ice machine that has started to leak, which causes you to slip and sustain injuries, the grocery store may be at fault for not fixing the ice machine, not mopping up the puddle, and not putting down a sign warning patrons.

Often times, when it comes to slip-and-fall accidents the person or entity, such as a city, is responsible for keeping areas reasonably safe for visitors and customers. If a shop owner neglects to clean up a patch of sand that causes you to fall and become hurt, then that shop owner may be liable.

Are Slip-and-Falls Different from Trip-and-Falls?

In a word, yes, they are different. The difference may seem arbitrary to some people, but when it comes to determining liability and receiving compensation, it is important to know what to call your accident. Trip-and-falls can be just as dangerous as slip-and-falls. When you trip, you fall forward, which can result in broken arms or wrists and head injuries. There are many ways to become injured after a trip, especially because not everyone has the ability to safely catch themselves. A trip for an elder, for example, could easily lead to a broken hip or wrist.

Getting the Legal Help You Need

Some people may consider slip-and-falls to not be very serious. We at Nordstrand Black PC know better. We have seen just how devastating these accidents can be, both for you and your loved ones, can properly access whether or not you have a premises liability claim. You shouldn’t be stuck with medical bills and lost wages because someone else couldn’t be bothered to do their job. If you have a slip-and-fall case, contact our firm by calling (866) 298-2041. Our Ventura personal injury attorneys look forward to hearing from you.