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DUI & the DMV

When a person is arrested for DUI, the arresting officer typically issues a temporary drivers' license. That form states that the driver must request an administrative hearing within 10 days of arrest. If the driver fails to do so, he or she waives all rights to a hearing. First time offenders face a possible suspension of 4 months. Second time offenders will be suspended for one year. Most people qualify for a restricted driver's license after 30 days of the suspension. Please call our office for details.

You should always request an administrative hearing, even if you elect not to proceed at a later time. A DMV hearing is your only opportunity to prove that the suspension or revocation is not justified. With the proper evidence and expert testimony, we often win the DMV hearings, resulting in no suspension of our client's license and no increase in insurance premiums. TO STOP THE AUTOMATIC DMV SUSPENSION call our Santa Barbara criminal lawyers at (866) 298-2041 within 10 DAYS of ARREST.

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