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Elderly Bicyclist Hit and Killed by Pick Up Truck

By Renee Nordstrand on October 22, 2009

An 80-year-old Placentia resident was struck and killed by a pick up truck while riding her bicycle in a Yorba Linda crosswalk Wednesday evening, the Orange County Register reports.

Edelgard Owens was attempting to cross Propsect Avenue’s crosswalk on bike at about 5:40 p.m., when a Chevrolet pick up truck turning left onto Prospect struck the bicyclist, who was later pronounced dead at Placentia-Linda Community Hospital.

The driver, initially suspected for driving under the influence of alcohol, was released from police custody after police determined she was not drunk.

Many questions remain about this accident as police continue their investigation.  Why did the driver not see the bicyclist?  Was she distracted by a phone call, text message, or conversation with a passenger?  Investigators are seeking to answer these questions so that Ms. Owen’s family can take the next appropriate steps.

In situations such as this, the legal expertise and knowledge of wrongful death attorneys will help families of deceased victims receive monetary compensation.  We will hold the responsible parties fully liable and ensure that your concerns and needs are met effectively.

El Cajon Hit and Run Critically Injures Bicyclist

By Renee Nordstrand on October 15, 2009

An El Cajon driver struck and critically injured a bicyclist before fleeing the scene late last night, the San Diego Tribune reports.  The 47 year old bicyclist was near death on the sidewalk before being taken to the hospital, where he is currently in critical condition.   The man’s name has not been released.

Police continue to search for the driver of the dark, possibly maroon, 1990s model General Motors car similar to a Pontiac Grand Am or a Buick.

I wish the injured bicyclist well as recovers from his serious injuries and offer my support to the police department and investigators as they seek out the driver who caused this incident.

In 2007 alone, there were 10,521 bicycle collisions resulting in injuries, according to the Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System.

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Seven Year Old Boy Is Victim of a Hit and Run

By Renee Nordstrand on September 11, 2009

A seven year old Ventura boy was hit by a car while riding his bicycle on Wednesday night, the Ventura County Star reports.  As he crossed an intersection around 8 p.m., a blue Volkswagen Beetle hit him, knocking the child to the ground.

The boy, who was not wearing a helmet, suffered serious internal injuries and is being treated at the Ventura County Medical Center.  Police are currently searching for the middle-aged male and female motorists who were driving the car.

My thoughts are with this young boy and his family as he recovers.  I hope that with the help of law enforcement and citizen involvement, the motorists who caused this accident can be found and held responsible for their conduct.