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Teenager Files Claim Against the City of Costa Mesa After Traffic Accident

By Renee Nordstrand on April 26, 2010

An 18-year-old San Clemente resident has filed a $42,000 claim against the city of Costa Mesa following a traffic accident at Fairview Road and Fair Drive that occurred on November 18, 2009, the Los Angeles Times reports.

In her claim, Katelyn Obbards states that she was riding her bicycle eastbound on Fair Drive at the Fairview Road intersection, and, as she crossed the intersection through a green light, the traffic signal changed from yellow to red in a few quick seconds, causing her to be hit from behind by a car traveling northbound on Fairview who accelerated when the signal opposing Obbards turned green.

As a result of the incident, Obbards suffered injuries including the loss of several teeth, facial lacerations, a fractured back, and a herniated disc.  According to Obbard’s attorney, a police officer that arrived at the scene of the accident had commented that the timing on the traffic signals was off.

It is the city’s responsibility to ensure that traffic signals function properly. If the signal was in fact off on the night of Obbard’s accident, the city of Costa Mesa may be held liable for her injuries and damages, including medical treatment, lost wages, and pain suffering.

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Bicyclist Injured in San Diego Crash

By Renee Nordstrand on April 21, 2010

A 24-year-old San Diego woman was seriously injured on Saturday in a bicycle to car collision on Genesee Avenue at La Jolla Village Drive, the San Diego Tribune reports.

The woman, whose name has not yet been released, was riding her bicycle northbound on Genesee when she was struck by a sedan traveling westbound on La Jolla Village Drive.  The cause of the accident is still under investigation, although police have determined that alcohol was not a contributing factor.

Many details of this accident remain unclear. Which person had the right of way? Was distracted driving (eating, texting, talking on a cell phone while driving) a factor?  Did dangerous road conditions cause either the biker or driver to swerve?  By answering these questions, we may begin to see a clearer picture of who was at fault in this situation.

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Nine Year Old Boy Struck and Killed on Bike

By Renee Nordstrand on December 9, 2009

Nine year old Nicholas Vela Mortley was killed Thursday afternoon after being struck by a raised pick up truck while riding his bike home from school in Anaheim, the Orange County Register reports. The driver, who was stopped at a stop sign when Nicholas started to cross in front of him, never saw Nicholas or his red bicycle as he proceeded through the intersection of Orangewood Avenue and Loara Street after completing the stop.

Sergeant Rick Martinez of the Anaheim Police Department explained the incident, stating “The height of the truck may have obscured his [the driver’s] vision. The child may have assumed that since the truck was stopped it would have remained stopped.” Although the driver has not been cited by the Anaheim Police Department, some question whether the truck exceeded legal height limits. If so, the driver could potentially receive a citation or violation.

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