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By Renee Nordstrand on December 21, 2016

Holiday shoppers in Santa Barbara County probably have checklists, gift lists, and shopping lists in their minds as they head to the malls and shopping centers. With other things on their minds they may not be driving safely. Some practical tips to keep drivers safe during the holiday season include:

Staying Safe in Parking Lots

Drivers and pedestrians should realize that parking lot safety is a big concern at this time of year. Drivers need to be especially attentive for pedestrians (and vice versa). Make sure your lights are on, you’re operating your vehicle at a slow speed so that you can stop responsibly, and seriously consider your choice of parking spots. While parking further from your destination may leave your car less vulnerable to dings, it may also leave it more vulnerable to thieves. Use an alarm or other alert system to protect the vehicle and its contents while you shop. Before you leave, look under and inside the car to be sure no one is hiding under or in the vehicle.

Watch out for pedestrians, bicycles, and other traffic when backing up! Some drivers prefer to back into parking spaces so they can pull forward later while others prefer to use their back up cameras or other aids. Above all, don’t use your cell phone or take the chance on distracted driving with so many folks struggling to get in and out of the shopping centers. It’s safest to use the buddy system; go with a friend!

Other parking lot tips include:

  • Try to park with the driver’s side door facing the entrance of the shop.
  • Keep your car locked at all times, and put valuables in the trunk or out of sight.
  • Keep your keys in your hand as you approach the car and your purse safely tucked below your arm.

Make the Most Out of the Season

While California isn’t subject to the harsh winter weather of the Midwest, we do get our fair share of decreased daylight and colder temperatures. Try to travel during the day if at all possible, and if you have to travel at night, try not to do so alone. Obviously, drinking and driving does not mix.

Staying safe behind the wheel is every driver’s responsibility. Follow traffic signs and signals, watch out for pedestrians, and have a happy holiday season.

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