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Studies Shows Half of America’s 20 Most Dangerous Roads Are Located in California

By Renee Nordstrand on February 16, 2010

 A recent study by the Scripps Howard News Service finds that 10 of America’s 20 most dangerous roads (in terms of highest number of fatalities) are located in California, the Ventura County Star reports.  The top three most dangerous roads are all in Los Angeles.  What makes California susceptible to so many dangerous roads and traffic deaths? According to the California Department of Transportation; speeding, drinking, and unfastened seat belts are the common causes for California’s high ranking.


According to the Star, there have been nearly 320 drunken-driving related deaths from 1994-2008 in Ventura County.  In the same time period, over 260 deaths have involved unfastened seat belts, and 220 have involved speeding.  37.6% of all traffic fatalities occurred on state highways, and nearly 200 fatalities  occurred on Saturday- the most fatalities of any day of the week.

Your Legal Options

The best way to practice driving safety is to take simple steps to ensure that preventable accidents caused by the most common factors do not occur.  However, even the safest drivers, who always wear a seatbelt, drive within the speed limit, don’t drive intoxicated, and limit driving distractions such as cell phones or eating while driving, aren’t immune to  car accidents. Sometimes accidents are simply unavoidable due to the conduct of other drivers and road conditions.  When an accident occurs beyond your control, you may be entitled to monetary compensation to cover your injuries and damages.  Experienced, aggressive personal injury attorneys will pursue legal action to obtain compensation for medical appointments, missed time from work, and future care and treatment. Call today to set up a free consultation.

Ventura County Seeks to Address Number of Traffic Fatalities, Raise Awareness

By Renee Nordstrand on February 9, 2010

A comprehensive examination of car accidents by the Ventura County Star and the Scripps Howard News Service reveals that three factors contribute time and again to traffic fatalities across the country, as well as in Ventura County.

In the Star’s study of 627, 433 nationwide traffic fatalities over a span of 14 years (1994 through 2008), thirty percent of fatal accidents involved drunken drivers. Thirty- two percent involved drivers who were traveling at an unsafe speed. Forty-three percent of traffic fatalities were not wearing seat belts.  Further, many accidents involved a combination of two or all three factors. These statistics correspond with the countywide statistics of 1,096 deaths from traffic incidents during the same time period.

According to the article, driving is one of the most dangerous activities of daily living, however, awareness of its inherent risks is low and often ignored.  As the number of distracted drivers on the roads continues to rise with the onset of cell phone applications, text messaging, and a culture consumed by busyness and activity, cars and commutes have shifted from simply a means of transportation to extensions of one’s life at the office or home. Distracted drivers will surely factor into future statistics on the primary causes of traffic accidents.

In the midst of overwhelming statistics, please do your part to eliminate car accidents by driving undistracted, wearing a seat belt, and maintaining the speed limit.

Serious car accidents can severely affect  a person’s life, through physical injuries, medical  expenses, a loss of transportation, and emotional stress.  If you’ve been involved in a car accident, exercise your legal rights and call Los Angeles Car Accident Attorneys today.  If you’ve lost a loved one in a traffic collision, experienced car accident attorneys can help.  We will protect your legal rights so that you are free to focus your attention on the grieving process and family. Call today for a free consultation.