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Family of Santa Ana Hit and Run Victim Seeks Answers, Asks Driver to Come Forward

By Renee Nordstrand on October 30, 2009

The driver who struck and killed a Santa Ana wife and mother as she crossed the street at a marked crosswalk remains on the loose today as the woman’s family pleads for him to come forward, the Orange County Register reports.

Zhen Huang, 48, was struck in the crosswalk and dragged for 15 feet by a light blue pick up truck that was turning left onto the street she was crossing, Magnolia Avenue.  Huang was less than a block away from her home when she was hit.  Investigators have determined that the truck was traveling at approximately 25 m.p.h, and may have been trying to beat a yellow light before it turned red.  Authorities believe the driver was a male, whose truck had a work rack in its bed.  If you have information regarding this accident, please call the Orange County Sheriff’s Department at 866-TIP-OCSD.

I offer my support and wishes for the Huang family as well as the OCSD as they continue their investigation, and I hope the individual that caused this terrible incident is found and held fully liable for his actions.

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Santa Ana Employees Hospitalized After Inhaling Unknown Substance at Work

By Renee Nordstrand on October 6, 2009

Seven people were taken to area hospitals this morning after complaining of respiratory problems at a Federal Building in Santa Ana, the Orange County Register reports.  All of those hospitalized had inhaled an undisclosed substance on an elevator in the Federal Building.

Building employees were evacuated as investigators attempt to determine what the substance is and why it caused respiratory problems.  In addition, the ventilation system in the building has been shut down.

As the substance in the elevator has yet to be disclosed while the investigation is ongoing, many questions remain unanswered. How did the substance get into the elevator? Is this a toxic substance with the potential for long term illness? In the midst of many lingering questions, we wish a safe and full recovery to all of those who experienced respiratory problems or other illnesses today.

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