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Stuntwoman Killed in LA Motorcycle Crash

By Renee Nordstrand on April 15, 2010

April Erin Stirton, a 28-year-old stuntwoman from North Hollywood, was killed on Tuesday in a motorcycle crash on the 101 Freeway near Laurel Canyon Boulevard.  According to the Los Angeles Times, Stirton attempted to pass a tow truck ahead of her in the same lane when she lost control of her motorcycle and fell, hitting the back wheels of the truck she was attempting to pass.  Stirton’s motorcycle then crossed two lanes and became stuck underneath the wheels of another truck.

According to a recent Los Angeles Times article (,0,6000706.story), there are about 100,000 motorcycle crashes annually in the United States.  In 2008, 5,290 of these crashes resulted in death.  In 2007, there were 85 fatalities resulting from motorcycle crashes in Los Angeles County alone, according to the Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System.

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