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By Renee Nordstrand on April 23, 2010

An Oklahoma doctor has filed the second recent lawsuit against Botox manufacturer Allergen, the Orange County Register reports.  Dr. Sharla Helton, 47, alleges that the Botox injections she received in 2006 to alleviate wrinkles caused physical symptoms that included weakness, shortness of breath, double vision, and arm, hand, and foot pain.

Allergen denies that Botox injections caused Dr. Helton’s symptoms.

There are at least five other plaintiffs who have filed suits against Allergen, according to the article.  Helton’s attorney, Ray Chester, recently tried another case against Allergen regarding Botox injections and lost.  In that case, a young girl stricken with cerebral palsy was administered Botox injections to relax her limbs.  Allergen paid for the girl’s physician (and many other doctors nationwide) to be trained to inject an amount of Botox in patients that was equivalent to an overdose. The girl later died of respiratory failure, which Allergen’s attorney successfully argued could not be conclusively linked to the Botox injections as the cause of her death.

Court documents reveal that in 2005, a year before the girl began Botox treatments, Allergen reported 38 patients who had suffered seizures following Botox injections to the Federal Drug Administration, including nearly 20 children with cerebral palsy.

As Helton’s trial gets underway in the next month, Chester will seek again to prove Allergen’s negligence in disclosing the risks of using Botox.

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