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By Renee Nordstrand on March 16, 2020

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Parks and playgrounds are the perfect places to take the family for some fresh air. Santa Barbara has many amazing parks just waiting for the public to enjoy. However, there are some new rules you should be aware of before planning your family outing.

Opening and Closing Times

All Santa Barbara parks, with a handful of exceptions, will be open from sunrise to a half-hour after sunset. The National Weather Service determines what time the sun rises and sets, making it easy to find out online how long you can enjoy your time at the park. The main exceptions to this new rule are Franceschi Park, Skofield Park, and Hilda McIntyre Ray Park. Each of these have caretakers and will open at 8:00 am rather than sunrise, but they still close a half-hour after sunset.

However, if you want to hold an event after dark, exceptions can be made so long as you receive the proper permits. If you are caught in the park after closing without permission, you will be asked to leave. There may still be events held by the city after sunset as well, so be sure to check the Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation online postings.

Barbecue Regulations

Barbecuing is a classic park activity. But it can also be a dangerous one. Hot coals and grass don’t mix well. If you want to use a portable barbecue in the park then it must be self-contained, be enclosed with a lid, and be at least six inches above whatever surface it’s placed on, whether that’s a table, the ground, or pavement. It is important to know that all portable barbecues are banned in Parma Park, due to its high wildfire risk.

Anyone using a barbecue must also completely remove any ash and hot coals from the park once done. If there is a can provided for the coals (Not a trash can. It will be labeled as a coal receptacle.) then you are free to use that. You can find these receptacles in Oak Park, Leadbetter Beach Park, and Shoreline Beach Park.

Playground Use

There are new rules around who can use a playground, as well. As of October 2019, anyone 18 or older is allowed to use a Santa Barbara playground if they are accompanying a child that is 12 or under. If you are with someone with special needs, then they do not have an age restriction.

Ultimately, these new rules are meant to help maintain the parks and the park equipment, as well as keep visitors safe. Parks and playgrounds, while fun for the whole family, can also be incredibly dangerous if not properly maintained. It is the city’s job to keep public places safe for citizens who want to use them, which is why new regulations are needed from time to time.

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