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By Renee Nordstrand on September 1, 2009

Laura Abrahams, 39, of Huntington Beach, was attacked by a city police dog on May 25 in Parker, Arizona, The Orange County Register reports.  Abrahams sustained 2 cuts and a puncture wound which required between 20 and 30 stitches.

Abrahams has filed a claim for an undisclosed amount.

In California, the dog owner is liable for all injuries inflicted by his dog on a human being even if the owner was not negligent, according to the “strict liability statute”.  California is currently one of the only states that carries a statute regarding dog bites, which was implemented to “…prevent dogs from being a hazard to the community”.  The statute benefits victims of dog attacks, in that liability is automatically placed on the owner regardless of the specific circumstances of a claim.

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