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By Renee Nordstrand on October 7, 2017

white-capped waves at the beach

Going to the ocean with children is a uniquely fun experience, where kids and adults alike can play in the waves and enjoy the warm sand under their toes.

The beach is not without its risks, however, so it is important to keep kids safe both in and out of the water. When you trust someone else to take your kids to a Santa Barbara beach, make sure they understand the responsibilities they have.

Stay Safe in the Water

The ocean is a wonderful place for children to play and explore, but it is also a wild place where nature is unrestrained. You should teach any kids playing in the ocean about the dangers of drowning. Of particular importance is education about riptides and currents that can pull swimmers out into the sea or down the beach, away from parents and other adults.

Wild Animals and Insects

We might not think too much about the fish and other wildlife in and around the sea, but there are some dangers there. Shark attacks are incredibly rare, but swimmers in the ocean should always be mindful and listen for any instructions from lifeguards. Bees and other insects on the beach can sting or bite. Any kids with allergies to stings should be careful around areas with bees, and any medication they might need after a sting should be kept on hand.

Avoid Too Much Sun

The sun itself presents certain dangers at the beach, and exposure to direct sunlight should be kept to a reasonable level. Sun block with a high SPF rating can be used to minimize sun damage to skin, which helps prevent painful sunburns and long-term health issues. Small children should also be kept out of excessive sun, which can increase their internal temperature too much and result in sun stroke.

Responsibilities of Others

When we trust others to care for and watch our children, we place a great responsibility upon them. Do not assume that older kids understand all of the risks present to younger children. Adults who take other people’s children to the beach should always be mindful of the risks present there. Assuming responsibility for a child’s well-being means that adult is potentially liable if any injuries occur.

If you or a loved one has had a child injured at the ocean, someone else may have been negligent and caused the injury. Call us today at NordstrandBlack PC at (805) 962-2022 to discuss your situation with a Santa Barbara child injury lawyer and explore your options.

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