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Representing You and Your Children After an Accident

While any accident and resulting injury is upsetting, when a child is injured the situation is tragic. In 2008, 9.2 million children visited an emergency department in the United States. On average, over 12,000 children die annually from unintentional injury.

Serious injuries can have long-term consequences that impact the rest of a child's life. Injuries like cognitive impairments, physical disabilities, and emotional harm end up costing money, time, and life energy. A fatal injury, though, is far worse. While nothing can reverse time and take back an accident, civil action against those responsible can help offset your expenses and let you focus on moving forward.

You don't have to face this trauma alone. We are here to listen and hold the responsible parties liable, and do everything we can to get just compensation for your family. After any child injury, call NordstrandBlack PC at (805) 962-2022.

Common Accidents Involving Children

  • Auto accidents: Vehicle accidents are the number one avoidable cause of death for children over the age of 1. Children are more vulnerable to injuries in a car crash, which is why special child seats and restraints must be used to keep them as safe as possible.
  • Falls: Slipping and falling is one of the most common accidents for all people, and children are particularly susceptible. Minor falls may result in nothing more than a bruise. Serious falls, however, can be extremely dangerous, especially if a child hits his or her head.
  • Dog attacks: Due to their smaller size, children are vulnerable targets for dogs and other large animals. Their heads are within easy reach of a dog’s jaws. Serious injuries can occur from dog bites, and pet owners are held liable for the actions of their dogs.
  • Drowning: The attraction of a swimming pool is a deadly one. Pools must have fences around them to keep kids from wandering inside, and these fences must be of proper height, have a locking gate, and not have objects near them that a child could climb.
  • Playground injuries: Fortunately, most playgrounds are designed to keep children safe, but serious injuries can still occur. Falls on playground equipment can lead to broken bones and head, neck, or back injuries.

Negligence and Liability

Although negligence laws don't really change with regard to children, kids are not always expected to act as an adult should. In accidents involving adults, we often look at the victim and consider how he or she acted to determine whether that behavior was reasonable.

Children do not know all of the dangers that adults recognize, which means they often act in unreasonable ways - therefore, sole liability rests on the supervising adult.

An adult is not expected to climb over a fence, fall into a swimming pool, or pull a dog's tail. Children, on the other hand, are likely to do those very things and these action can have very serious consequences. Parents and supervising adults must provide care for children; failing to do so makes a responsible adult liable for any accident that occurs.

After Any Accident, Call Us Right Away!

Child injuries are difficult for everyone - financially, mentally, and emotionally. Nothing can change what happened, but you can take action to help your family and punish those responsible. Call a Santa Barbara personal injury attorney at NordstrandBlack PC at (805) 962-2022 to discuss your options.

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