blog home Drunk Driving Accident Santa Barbara Police Make 2 DUI Arrests at Check points, Urge Safety for Super Bowl Sunday

By Renee Nordstrand on February 6, 2010

Santa Barbara police officers enforced DUI checkpoints on Coast Village Road, Haley Street, San Andres Street, and Shoreline Drive last weekend, the Santa Barbara Daily Sound reports.  Police made two DUI arrests and cited thirteen other for driving without a valid license during the course of the checkpoints.  Santa Barbara police plan to add nine additional checkpoints for a total of thirteen during Super Bowl Sunday. 

The Santa Barbara Police Department is encouraging Super Bowl partygoers to establish a designated driver for the night of football, food, and, in many cases, large quantities of alcohol.  Additionally, the police department urges anyone who sees a suspected drunken driver while on the road to call police immediately and report the driver.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2008 almost 50% of the driving fatalities from the time of kickoff to the morning after the Super Bowl were alcohol related.  Additionally, according to a study done by the Automobile Club of Southern California, drunken driving incidents are 27% more likely to occur statewide on Super Bowl Sunday.

Given these statistics, please exercise safety and caution when celebrating football’s biggest day.  If a drunken driver hits you or a loved one, please contact experienced personal injury attorneys immediately to determine your legal options at a free consultation